10th December 2000

Dear All,
Since we wrote to you last it’s been a tough year
Though there’s been lots of fun and plenty of cheer
We all went to Disneyworld, Florida in May
Lots of rides and shows and Lucinda’s 1st birthday.
When we got back the news was bad
William had another tumour – poor lad
A lot of treatment and travel followed
With a lot of medicine and chemo swallowed.
We thought we had beaten it, that he had won
For a while he was fine – we are so proud of our son.
He has fought really hard – started school in September
He’s been doing very well in class .. .a star member!
But sadly both lungs have become affected
Any further treatment has been rejected
He’s been through enough, everything possible
Enough is enough of tests and hospital.
As I write this he is at home in our bed
We’re keeping him comfy, our hearts are like lead
Edward knows William is not at all right
But at 6 years old he’s holding on tight –
To his feelings and wishes for his little brother
He won’t tell anyone, not even his mother.
Lucinda just smiles her way through the day
Chatting and cheering in her own special way.
These coming weeks will be really hard
But we owe it to William to send this special card
To keep spirits up and stories read
And everything peaceful in his little head
We send Christmas wishes to all near and far
Just please keep on wishing on that special Star.
With love

William came home on Friday (with oxygen and morphine) to be with his family. He insisted on going to Daddy’s Christmas party at work so we took him – oxygen cylinder attached, so he could see Santa. We narrowly avoided blowing up the bar when we remembered it was a smoking zone! On Sunday William wanted to see the school nativity play, he should have been in it, we had his angel costume all ready, but he was determined to see it anyway. We sat at the front and William waved to his class. William died on Tuesday 12th December 2000. He still had the twinkle in his eye but I think he knew it was time to say goodbye.

Sadly William died peacefully at home on Tuesday night. Our brave and beautiful son was William all the way.. he never gave up. Our wonderful memories of him will carry us through; he gave us all so much. Everyone who met William was touched by his smile, strength and amazing courage. Rest in peace now our little angel.

William Henry Dodd
13.3.1996 -12.12.2000 Aged 4 years 9 months

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