Celebration of William’s Life spoken by a family friend at William’s funeral

As adults we feel it is our role to teach and guide Children so that they grow into good, well behaved and considerate members of society.

Over the last 2 years I have been shown by William the importance of appreciating life as it is; to see the opportunities for fun in all the changing circumstances that life can throw; to share love and fun with those around regardless of personal discomfort, worry or pain; to be brave and courageous in the face of adversity. Through it all William still kept the twinkle in his eyes and his sense of fun.

William was a very determined chap, a deep thinker, he would often sit contemplating and once his mind was made up to do something he invariably always did it! Not a lot stood in his way! William enjoyed many varied things, amongst his favourites was his swimming which he began at the age of 3 months and became very competent particularly under the water! He loved family holidays, the ones he often talked about were Antigua where he loved the sea and sand, Disneyworld where he loved it all, Mary and Michael’s farm in Devon where the boys got to drive the tractor and get very mucky. These holidays were interspersed with trips to Skegness which he thought of with almost as much fondness as Disneyworld!

An extraordinary little boy leaves us all with a lesson in love and wisdom. We can all learn valuable lessons from the way William lived his 4 3/4 years with us. Let us honour him by holding onto our memories of him and when we feel challenged by life remind ourselves of his courage and of something Johanna remembers from 3 o’clock one morning when William was up and having chemotherapy, he said very matter of factly…. ‘Mummyyy you know God’? well he didn’t put my hair in properly – it’s all falling out’

Edward has chosen the hymns today – some of William’s favourites from school and don’t they reflect that sense of fun and enjoyment. Throughout William’s life Edward has been a source of fun (and fights!) and together they have got up to all sorts of mischief – aptly caught on camera – lately Edward has been full of consideration and love. I am sure William felt richer for having such a great brother.

Two Mondays ago on his way to hospital and on the way to drop Edward to school William was quiet in the back of the car, but suddenly said in a knowing and loud voice… ‘I notice Edward has forgotten his glasses again!’ typical of how close they were and willing to drop each other right in it!

Lucinda has of course been a source of unconditional love, both giving and receiving. William was the first person Lucinda would actually cuddle and the tenderness between them needed no words.

Johanna and Peter have given themselves to their children and nurtured a strong loving and fun filled family (not to mention the von-Trapp style family bike rides!) My prayer for them is that through the darkness they hold onto that special family of which William will remain a part. That happy memories and constant love will light their path and fill their future.

Everyone has said that William is at rest now; let us hope it is more comfortable than he was in hospital. Peter recalls only 2 weeks ago William said … ‘Daddy why don’t they have beds in hospital like we have at home?’ Well at least he didn’t have the fold up bed!

To God I ask for his presence to hold William’s family in his protection, comfort them, love them and guide them forward. I know he holds William now (probably playing tennis as was William’s wish!) and that our little friend is no longer in pain but filled with joy and peace…. and maybe a few ice lollies! The twinkle in William’s eyes will have returned to greet those who follow.

William was very close to his grand parents and Johanna and Peter would like to say to them;
“Never say in grief you were sorry he is gone. Rather say in thankfulness you are grateful he was here.”

May God’s Blessing be on each of you.

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