Christmas Update 1999

1999 Oh what a bummer….
It started in winter and went right through summer!
Little William has a tumour on his spine
He’s finished his Chemo’ and he’s doing just fine
His right foot is weak and he’s got a splint that’s trendy
It’s Action Man colours and the new one is bendy!
His radiotherapy starts very soon
If that really works we’ll be over the moon!
Six weeks to Oxford almost every day
He’ll have a medical degree if he goes on this way!
Peter’s been fab he’s been a real brick…
At least with the ‘radio’ there’ll be no sick!
William is amazing he’s coped really well
It’s been up and down and occasionally hell.
But Wills goes on smiling and running about
We just wish he’d talk as he does tend to shout!
Edward is growing – he’s a real boy
He still prefers swimming to any old toy!
His instructor says he’s really a fish
And teaches him ‘polo as is his Dad’s wish!
He rides his bike well without any fears
I think Santa’s bringing a new one with gears!
He’s enjoying school and doing quite well
3R’s and discipline….at least ’til the bell!?
And then there’s Lucinda! our little girlie
who arrived in the chaos a little bit early!
She smiles from her cot with big blue eyes
And kicks in the air with her chubby little thighs!
She’s gorgeous and cuddly (especially at night)
And she looks just perfect in pale pink and white!
She’s learning to swim with her friends and their mothers
She needs the survival skills for bath time with brothers!
Peter and I are doing our best to stay bright
With all the hospital visits we’re like ships in the night!
School runs to juggle, baby to feed
Hospital visits and shopping we need
We have many friends who have helped us a lot
We’re very lucky with the friends and family we’ve got!
Peter still cycles and swims when he can
Then asks what I do all day…typical man!
So the year has gone quickly with no holidays
Some remembered quite fondly but a lot in a haze.
So Santa…our wish is for a gift we can share
Just our William cured…oh, and he would like some hair!
Best wishes

We thought we had won but the tumour returned on his sciatic nerve and another course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy began. During all of this William kept smiling, they called him Dr WiIliam as he always corrected them if they slipped up on any procedures!

William went to nursery and joined in as much as possible and eventually he started Kingscote School with his big brother in September 2000. He was so proud to be wearing his uniform. His splint didn’t stop him … he ran in just like all the other boys. William continued to have treatment but we carried out as much as we could at home, However he started to falter and we knew something was wrong. Tests showed William had tumours in his other lung and we knew then that nothing more could be done. In fact we were amazed he had kept going so long.

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