Christmas Update 2013

From The Dodd family 2013.

Greetings Friends & family, better late than never! We hope this finds you well and festive?
With all the Williams Fund excitement..it’s rather late for all our news to give!!
Peter went back to work in February with Bohler Welding, Senior Vice President no less!
The weather’s just not conducive to 365 days of swimming or wearing lycra….bless!
He’s loving the job, travelling again he’s out of the way We miss him of course..
But we manage with parties the chores, Henry helps (?) and Lucinda dances & sings herself hoarse!
Henry started a new school & settled well, the uniform’s fine & they don’t mind the hair!
Lucinda’s working hard for her GCSE’s, she’s funny & says she’s taller than me! That’s not fair!
Edward’s at Hull Uni 2nd year, He’s President of HUSSKI now – busy booking the socials & ski tours
We hope the studying is going well and that ‘HUSSKI President’ on the CV will open somedoors!
He’s working in Wetherspoons, lives above a reggae bar, snowboarding, drinking & partying hard!
Ma & Pa are well despite scanners, surgeons & scalpels, Mum managed to do the Christmas card!
Hoping to move, downsizing at last, they’re so British: Keep smiling, drinking, stay calm & Carry on!
They joined us in Kos this year for sun, sea, sailing, cycling & Scuba, we also went skiing in St Anton.
I had 4 days in Portugal with girlfriends which was absolutely fantastic..and played tennis at Wimbledon!
Sadly we lost Peters Mum Moira at 97, a proud Mum & Granny, we miss her & can’t believe she’s gone.
William’s Fund has had a breakthrough year, so much support starting in April with Brawl Street
White Collar Boxing at The Grange St Pauls, 500 attended to watch the City on its feet.
Champagne, dinner, boxing and Burlesque – an incredible night, Professional City Gents trained hard for the fight
Six minutes of Glory returned in October to a more ‘relaxed’ venue, beer & boxing at York Hall
Then December 14th brought 240 to the William’s Fund Golden Bond Christmas Charity Ball
Honor Blackman volunteered to be our guest, Goldfinger s’ Pussy Galore what an incredible star,
She mingled, posed then spoke with such grace, then on with the dancing, casino & cocktail bar!
Big thanks to the team, helpers and guests. (Oh and I did have to drive the Aston Martin car!)
William’s Fund was supported at the Liverpool Uni Water polo reunion, and then there was the Golf Day too.
‘William’s Wings’ ran Windsor, Wills penguin travels the triathlon trail, so many things lovely people do.
We had our first London Marathon runner and in 2014 we have a marathon runner in Liverpool
There are talks at Rotary, Businesses, Grammars and Lucinda even did a PowerPoint at school!
We’re celebrating the official start of the William Dodd Research Fellow and plans are underway,
For a reception in Oxford to thank our supporters, we’re so grateful & there’s so much the researchers want to say!
We do say a lot on facebook, twitter & the website too, please sign up and like us, we’d really like to be friends with you
You can help us share William about, and spy on Edward – it’s a great way of seeing just what he’s up to!
We’re committed to raising a lot more money, so please join in – we couldn’t do it without our volunteers,
Sunday is the Carol service at Williams Church that’s when our Christmas starts,
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of turkey, wine, peace and good cheers!

With Love

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