Christmas update 2014

“I will write our letter earlier…I will write our letter earlier”!!!
About as likely as snow in June or a penguins fur getting curlier!
So, 2014, Peter’s travelling year, who knew welding could be such fun?!
Mexico City, Middle East, Atlanta, Austria, Russia & Texas…quite a run!
Dog, life, old, fiddle, fit…you get the idea…
The Lycra, budgie smugglers & track pants still the chill out choice of gear!
Children, Subz Baby Swimming & Williams Fund are still my call of duty
Lucinda now taller than me, is our funny, singing, ‘little’ long haired beauty
Raiding big brothers wardrobe for ‘baggies’ to chill and revise for GCSE’s,
Swimming, ‘jumping’ & working hard between onesies, selfies and parties!
Henry’s hair has a life of its own but has helped his acting unfold
“It’s too short” they cried…but he got a part doubling in Dracula Untold
Edward is at University of Hull, final year, “Always in the library” he says
He forgets I am his Facebook friend…wow, how libraries have changed these days!!
We’ll all be together at Christmas – Mummy & Daddy too
After a year of hips, trips, and health blips they downsized to somewhere new!
William always remembered, he would have gone to Uni this year
But we say he made it to Oxford, by now a research fellow my dear!?
The results are so encouraging, we have collaborators and papers galore
But it wouldn’t happen without £700,000 and your support, that’s for sure!
Guy’s Chanel Swim, A Mongol Rally Team, Sam’s Tri Challenge & Rob’s 500 miles
Incredible dedication, thank you all… could you do some challenging trials?
June 14th 2015 We abseil down the John Radcliffe tower…why not join us?
We need 23 people to make our team, go on, it’s only a fall with ropes…what’s the fuss?!
Please join us all on Fb, LinkedIn, & our mailing list on williamsfund.co.uk
We’d love to like you, share you and keep you up to date along the way.
We have other plans too… some Magic, Golf and maybe a ‘bit of a do’
You wouldn’t want to miss all that, so do join up won’t you?
Peter has even joined the Fb craze, although he doesn’t use it that much!
You can find us all there (except Henry), it’s great for keeping in touch
We hope this finds you well & happy, all ready for the festive cheer
Wishing you love & peace at Christmas and a charitable New Year.

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