Christmas Update 2016

Well I can’t put it off any longer, the urge to give up just gets stronger.
So, I’ll pen it in one, get it over and done – I might even sing a Christmas song-er!?
Mummy got ill at the beginning of the year, she was brave, beautiful & showed no fear.
The family cared for her, we all stayed near but then her illness stepped up a gear.
What a fabulous lady, what a wonderful wife, Daddy would give anything for just a bit more strife!
We miss her so much, her laughter, her fun, she really knew how to live a good life!
One of Mum’s legacies – her Christmas card, is held all over in high regard, we will keep it going somehow,
But…as they say… act to follow – hard!
William has his Grandma now & his great great Auntie Flo, 2016 – what a vintage year to go,
It should be quite a party up there – bet they’re watching us all below!
Doddy news… Peter’s still working though retirement is always lurking, our apartment in Porta Pollenca is ready – Now we’ve finished all the ‘twerking’!!
Of course, Mallorca is full of bikes, which is exactly what Peter likes…it also has some mountainous hills….and he says he’s getting me a bike too …. yikes!! (maybe I’ll stick to hikes?!)
Edward is studying for his Masters in Hull, with the City of Culture it’s far from dull, can’t wait for him to be home for Christmas, as soon as his work (for Deliveroo) takes a lull!
Lucinda’s got A levels, L plates on the car… Juggling work, study, boyfriend, parties… What a star!
She’d like to go Uni next year … Hopefully not too far!
Henry is working hard at a better (new) school, thankfully he thinks the International Baccalaureate is cool! Taken up running, hair still curly, fun, creative and playing the fool!
We had a ski trip to Les Arcs, Peter & I now outnumbered by snowboards in the snow park, A little more leisurely… No more up with the lark and last run down in the dark!!
I finally fulfilled a dream…Took the children glamping at Love Supreme: a festival, chilling in the tent,
Swinging (in hammocks!) a fab weekend of great music, laughter, sun, rain and ice-cream!
William’s Fund had a quiet but productive year as we cared for Mum, but thanks to you, we have raised £3/4M over 16 years, which is a decent sum!
We have built a new website which will launch in Jan, please take a look as soon as you can, more news, research and video that’s the plan… We’d love you to follow us and become a fan!
In 2017 William would have been 21, so we hope to organise some extra fun – like our Golf Day on October 19th – Please sponsor it or come and play!
Christmas will be with a very heavy heart, but Mummy would want us to smile & take part, make a toast and be happy, memories to cherish, not the end but a shaky new start…
So, as you raise your champagne glass … (make it a good size) and
Nibble on your festive pies, please remember what Mummy said…

‘The love never dies’.

Merry Christmas from all of us.

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