December 2002

Well now it’s Christmas time again, and almost 2003
Edward’s in year 4 now and Lucinda at Nursery
And now of course there’s Henry,… Oliver Wilson Dodd
Who’s absolutely gorgeous and not at all a little …

Henry has brought joy and love for all the family
A positive focus, a forward step and of course more work for me!!
We know William sent little ‘H’ to keep us all in line
Thank you Wills, with your help we’re all doing just fine.

William. is always with us, constantly on our mind
I often look around thinking I’ve left him behind
Wherever we are, there’s always a space, in the car or at the pool
Where Wills should be, laughing, smiling or just playing the fool!

Oh how we miss him, his bright and twinkling eyes
It seems he was here only yesterday, how time flies.
William has a headstone now, a very special one
We had it made with loving care for a very special son.

William’s Fund, our tribute, is going very well
Another 100,000 Christmas cards to sell …. !
So many people have raised so much, all in William’s name
So many wonderful events, none of them the same.

So far £110,000 has been raised thanks to you
We would really like to thank you all for everything you do
To find out more about the fund see www.willamsfund.co.uk
It’s all there, so not much more I need to say.

Edward loves his rugby, he’s Captain of the U.9s
Practices on Lucinda, don’t think she really minds!
Wait til Henry grows a bit, he’ll join in on the scrum
For now he just about manages to roll onto his tum!

The matches are really exciting; I’ve been to every game
Edward is the Hooker and my voice will never be the same!
Lucinda is a little more dainty, ballet is more her thing
But their favourite is in the pool they both love their swimming!

1 will be working again in January, just a few hours in the pool
Teaching babies from birth to 3yrs to swim underwater … cool!
Henry will start his lessons too, survival skills for the bath
Peter swims almost every night, no slippers for him by the hearth!

So you see how the time passes quickly for us, best to keep on the go.
In fact very soon we hope to move house, quite when, we don’t yet know
Watch this space for a new address very soon, a good start to 2003
But for now Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Hope it’s all that you’d like it to be.

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