December 2004

The cards have started to arrive in heaps,
As the spectacle of Christmas ever nearer creeps
The tree is up, decorations too,
So it’s time to write our news for you.
Peter’s job takes him away a little more,
It sounds exciting to me, but he says it’s a bore!
He’s taken up golf with Edward now,
I’m threatening to join them if time will allow?
Edward passed his 11+, what a star,
He really deserves it, he’s worked hard this year..so far!
Life is ever changing as the children grow so fast,
What used to be the future is too soon in the past,
We ride our bikes to school now, Henry on the back,
Lucinda takes the lead with Barbie bike and purple backpack!
No road rage or parking problems just lots of fresh air
Edward takes the walkie talkie and calls us when he’s there.
In January we went skiing, Alpe D’huez with Mum & Dad,
Edward in ski school, brilliant and quite the lad!
Lucinda had ½ day lessons and has quite a natural style,
We met with Martin & Izzy and skied with them for a while,
Then we skied with Grandma, not that you could tell,
She looked as young as ever and skied extremely well!
Grandpa skied with all of us despite pain in his hip,
He’s had a replacement now, remarkable recovery and we’re planning another trip!
In summer we went to Greece , an action packed holiday,
The children went in clubs and did exciting things their way,
Peter and I learned to sail in Pico’s, Lasers and Catamarans,
We really enjoyed the time together and working on our tans!
At lunchtime and evening we all met in the pool and talked about what we’d done,
Tennis, sailing, football, water polo, singing, games, all this, swimming and sun!
Our annual trip to Skeggie (thanks Jane) as always a great hit,
Mums drink wine, read and chat while the children play in the pit!
Throughout the year there’s William’s Fund as Wills is always here
The gap he left still haunts us, as we wonder what he would have done this year
We see Wills in Henry, they are really quite alike,
Cheeky blonde and noisy, especially on the way to Ba’s on the bike!
In name at least he’s far from idle, the fundraising is going well,
We hope to reach £250,000 soon with all the Christmas cards we sell.
Our website will keep you updated, please take a look and see,
It would be great to hear from you, just log on and email me!
As I write this it’s William’s anniversary, 4 years ago today
The memories are always with us, they never go away.
But thanks to our family, our friends and school we know he’s remembered with love,
The many events and kind words, I’m sure he looks down from above.
The Kingscote and Thorpe House Anniversary Ball was a splendid and fun event
As well as the PA they chose William’s Fund and raised £1800 for us in the tent!
For marathons run, mountains climbed, sales and sporting events,
– we thank you all sincerely.

I’m sorry I can’t mention you all, but you know I love you dearly!

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