December 2007

To all our family, supporters and friends,
Another year, another ryhme – oh why do we start these trends?!
A year summed up on paper just to let you know
How everybody is and how these children grow!
Edward is now 13 and quite a strapping lad, playing badminton, golf and still cricket mad!
Dropped competitive swimming, but taken up diving instead;
Swims, but less and never time to lie around in bed!
William would be 11 now, really hard to imagine,
We still struggle with not seeing him and his cheeky grin.
Lucinda is 8, always on the go, swim squad, Otters too,
Tennis, trampolining, piano and diving – that’s new.
Only 4 weeks off the high boards and time for a competition,
Lucinda got a silver medal – all that bouncing came to fruition!
Henry is just “H” a lively little chap, finished the book
(a republished “Waterbabies”) should be out next year – take a look.
(There was a hiccup when he broke his arm,
Fell off a chair – all in his stride, very calm!)
He had a lot of fun taking the pictures under water
And until the book was finished we had his hair much longer than we oughta!
We made it skiing to Alpe D’Huez, though I kept it very gentle,
Peter skied with me in the mornings and off with Martin in the afternoon – to go mental!
Summer took us back to Skegness, a few days with the girls,
The funfair and children in the sea
Then Kos for a fantastic fortnight of sun, warmer sea,
Sailing and scuba but surprisingly no donkey!
Peter took his sailing RYA1 and 2, quite the addict now;
Edward in Daddy’s footsteps took his RYA 1,
Then just to avoid any R&R, Edward and I did our PADI Suba diving – boy was that fun!
We had such a fabulous time we went back in October for more,
Ma and Pa came too; it was lovely to walk with them down the shore.
Aquatone for the girls, sailing for the boys, Edward took his RYA 2,
Lucinda and Henry took to the clubs, there’s so much for them to do.
We also had a brilliant time on a visit to Llanbedroch,
Made welcome by Howie and Jane, we toured around to Abersoch.
Fabulous walks, BBQ on the beach, wet children in waders and lots of fun,
We used every type of clothing from wind and rain through to sun!
Peter’s looking very trim having lost lots of weight,
He’s training hard in the pool now with 2 clubs he’ll be fading away at this rate.
He travels lots all over the place but he’s enjoying his work more,
The children do miss him but love to jump on him when he comes in the door!
This year at the Otters club champs they held a family relay for fun,
Peter and I had a great time swimming with Daughter and Son.
Peter would have enjoyed it more our family had won!
William’s Fund Fair was a great success, thanks to all the team.
This time of year is so hectic, more so cos of William it would seem.
The cards are almost all sold out, well done to Mummy I say,
The research in Oxford is going well, see the news on williamsfund.co.uk
Thankyou to everyone for making it another successful year,
There are far too many names to mention everybody here,
But I’m sure Wills would join us in wishing you all
Health, Happiness and Festive Cheer!

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