December 2008

Phew….what a year that was!!
The Dodd house in December…builders, no kitchen and lots of dust
New Kitchen needed and Peter decided an extension (man thing!) is a must!
It’s going to be great…eventually, the last project we’ll do
No more building, just decorating (I did paint H’s room myself…) all the way through!
So news…Feb a small op on my damaged knee but the knee was a bit of a mess
So July I got the full ACL repair, physio and so far … a great success.
Mummy not to be outdone declared quietly she had a large tumour on the brain
It’s out now, she’s recovering well we’ve never been so happy to hear Mummy talking again!
Mummy has been so very brave and Daddy has been a star
Cooking the most amazing meals, shopping, washing and being ‘Mum’,we’re very proud of our Ma and Pa.
Holidays…we’ve had them all cold and snowy France, Greece sunny and hot
Children & I in Portugal in half term in Barbara’s lovely flat, Peter in India…he travels a lot!
Edward’s in year 10 now, happy, sporty and growing with a whopping size 9 feet
We’ve had a couple of lovely notes from school saying his work is outstanding and neat!
Lucinda is always jumping around, cartwheels and dance, she’s really happy with school and all her sport
Swimming, trampolining still and Netball is the latest team, sometimes her schedule gets a bit fraught!
Henry’s in year 2 now. Last year of Kingscote School..he was Mary in the Nativity!
The Water babies book is out, a lovely keepsake to have and fabulous photography!
Peter was promoted again this year, now MD Europe, and member of the ESAB Global Management Board
He’s been to Argentina, Poland, Russia, India (just before the trauma) so; no chance to get bored!
He enjoyed his sailing in Summer, the cycling, golf with Edward and still swims for miles
The Otters family relay this year went well… Henry’s last leg brought a few smiles!
William’s Fund has been branching out, Christmas cards, Fair, Stone Challenge Golf and more too
A comedy night at the Bloomsbury London and now William’s Fund Wine Club..that’s new!
We’re sure William watched over Mummy for us …well…a Wine Club..that will do!
The William Dodd Foundation post is about to be launched at Oxford a great tribute to our son
We are grateful he enriched our lives and in all he was and all he inspires, including a lot of fun.
In April I took over the baby swimming, re – branded and a change of venue too
Thanks to Graham for his artistic wizardry..’Subz’ wouldn’t be here without you!
Thank you so much for all your help and support for William’s Fund ..you know who you are…
We couldn’t do it without you, well we could – but we wouldn’t get nearly so far!
We’re looking forward to Christmas with Grandma, we couldn’t want anything more
Grandpa too of course; hug and eat and drink and eat, hug some more til we’re all sore!
That’s about all the news I feel without delving into it all
We hope you had a great year too and that 2009 will be a ball!

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