No Brainer… Don’t press send!

Our delivery from Office X Ltd... Why so happy? Yesterday I was about to send my online order to my usual supplier… I sent the basket screenprint to OfficeX instead, they called me immediately with a better price, next day free delivery by their own courier, no payment for 30 days…It was so easy…AND we got treats!!! 🐧 I was so impressed I called the owner Mark Dean Now YOU can do the same for ALL your home or office supplies, and 20% of your order profit will go to William’s Fund!! 🐧 Here’s how…You don’t need to change anything…just..

1.Create a basket from any of your usual suppliers whether it be Viking , Lyreco , EurOffice , Any Toner Companies , Any Packaging Companies , Any Office Furniture Companies etc it really doesn’t matter who you use as they all use the same suppliers as Office X Ltd

2.Then rather than press send you copy and paste the basket & email to [email protected] 

3. Wait for a call from Mark… with your new lower price.That’s it!! Nothing to lose!

Benefits: You receive a confirmation of each order, You Receive exactly the same goods …next day!
Your Invoice will always be cheaper than the basket for exactly the same goods….Every time ( Over a year this can save you thousands of pounds )
Other benefits: 
30 Day Invoiced Credit Account
No Minimum Order Value
No Delivery Charges
No Call Centres
No Couriers we use our own drivers
Collections and credits resolved within a day not weeks
Emails and questions responded to within seconds
A Contact you can call 24 hours a day 7 days a week

So this is what I call a No Brainer!! Good for you, Good for your business, Good for the environment and good for William’s Fund!

You save money on every basket you send for exactly the same goods, using the websites you’re already comfortable with … So everyone’s a winner!

Give it a go… I’d love to know how much you save!! 🐧

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