‘#21forWilliam’ Campaign launch…

We are ready to launch the ’21 for William’ Campaign… Are you ready to sign up?…

Why 21 for William? William would have been 21yrs old this year.
When? 12th December (William’s Anniversary) to 13th March 2018 (William’s birthday)
What can you do? How can you utilise ‘21’ to raise money for William’s Fund?
We have some ideas but yours might be better?!
We will have a great prize for the best use of ‘21’ to raise the most funds!

How creative can you be? ‘Whacky for William’ is great!
Who? YOU! + We would like to include shops, restaurants, salons, clubs, schools, businesses, hotels,
Corporates, friends, social events. Open to anyone & anywhere who would like to join in!
Get your company involved. Maybe set up an inter ‘branch’ contest, A UK wide initiative?
Ask clients & customers too! 21p added to each bill? Optional of course!!
21 What? Up to you… 21p, £21, 21%, 21 days, £210, £2,100 £21,000…. No limit!

 21 sit ups, 21 whatever… If it raises money! Have some fun & spread the word! #21forWilliam

 ... just email [email protected] to sign up!

                    We can supply A4 posters, collection pots, stickers for you to authenticate and promote your involvement. We can also visit in a penguin suit?!

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