Christmas 2012

From The Dodd family 2012.

Wow, 2012 had such an exciting buzz, can 2013 top it – let’s hope it does!
A hard year to follow – Olympics & Jubilee,
Games Maker for Edward and off to Hull University!
Skiing in St Anton, a break in Provence,
Sailing, sun and scuba in Kos – tans to enhance!
Suddenly Lucinda is borrowing clothes & passing down shoes,
Should I be flattered when I don’t know who’s is who’s?
Henry is cycling on his own  to school,
Still curly, cuddly and playing the fool!
Mum & Dad are playing competitive radiotherapy,
They smile, laugh, build a house & carry on stoically!
Peter is bored…worn out the lycra & legs,
Can’t stand the housework – ‘send me to work’ he begs!
Can’t cycle in the rain, done thousands of miles this year,
To a M.A.M.I.L (Middle Aged Man In Lycra), those hills hold no fear!
Not content with English ones he’s been in Majorca too,
Seeking higher, hotter MAMILS and mountains with  a view!
I failed to train him to cook and clean…
’Send him to work’ I beg – not being mean..
It’s just that I’ve got places to go, things to do,
Like Subz Baby Swimming and writing to you!
Besides – look at his bloodline – Moira’s 97 next year..
That’s a 33 year retirement .. almost a career!
That’s the family news and everyone’s well (ish),
Now how about William’s Fund..let me embellish..
The researchers are brilliant, results are mindblowing,
Raising money keeps me busy & there’s no sign of slowing!
We have a new website, facebook page, twitter,
JustGiving, Textgiving, & mailchimp to cut litter!
We launched a ‘campaign for a day’ on 12.12.12,
William’s 12th Anniversary – so moving how deep people will delve.
Please follow us, like us, tweet us & sign up for our news,
There’s thank you’s, events, reports, pictures and reviews.
Thank you to our supporters, they couldn’t do this without you.
It’s amazing the lengths some of you will go to!
So… for 2013…a Royal baby is due…long may the buzz continue,
Peace, love, hope & dreams we send to all of you..
And a smattering of Fairy dust to keep the magic too!

STOP PRESS..Peter is planning to go back to work in January…Phew!!
(Oh no he isn’t…Oh yes he is!!)

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