Christmas Update 2015

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Where’s all your news from 2015? We’ve been waiting for your rhyme,
We hope you’re well and that you’re just too busy having fun, to have the time!
So Merry Christmas everyone … From all of us Doddies,
Not so little anymore, just look at the size of those bodies!
Edward is 21, a graduate now, working mainly in Hull but as I write
He’s in France on a WastelandSki job, up early and bright
To make sure students & staff ‘behave’ on Uni Ski Tours – yeah right!
He’s hoping to go boarding all day and be ‘working’ all night!
Lucinda is 16, GCSE’s done (brilliant!) A levels now, still at Challoners Grammar,
Working 10 hours in our lovely local @Home Pizza – oh the glamour!
There’s also babysitting, parties, girlie talk and ‘borrowing’ my stuff
A good excuse to shop for more – us girls can never have enough!
Henry is 13, a chatty little chap, could talk his way out of a paper bag.
Loves his drama (look out for The Huntsman) & his Lego, but school’s a bit of a drag!
Peter’s still travelling lots, eating & drinking with Böhler Welding – he says it’s work,
When at home he’s in Speedo’s or Lycra, bad weather drives him berserk!
We take mountain bikes out together if weather is fine, but his bike seems much faster than mine??!
Talking of mountains, we skied St Anton with Lucinda & H, Edward was already working the piste!
And Peter’s skis seem much faster than mine (It’s a fix!) Lucinda now boards effortlessly & Henry skis like a beast!
Subz Baby Swimming is still going strong. Children still swim too… Speedo city & chlorine pong!
We had an incredible holiday, in honour of the 21st, 16th – H says 13th too!
A tour starting at Las Vegas, Grand Canyon by helicopter, Death Valley, Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay,
Santa Barbara, boats, buses, horse-riding (girls only!), so many more memories too…finishing in LA!
Mum & Dad, of whom we are so proud, are now on an even keel after a rather stormy year (force 10!)
We’re looking forward to Christmas and a lot of laughs, with them both here (out for dinner again!)
William’s Fund has had a great year, we won an award from Oxford, got a standing ovation too!
Of course it wouldn’t have been possible to raise £750,000 without all that YOU do… so Thank you.
We abseiled, 26 abseilers! Our Golf Day was fab, 80 golfers, 2 penguins, 106 diners & an auction by Will Mellor, Unbelievable that it’s 15yrs since we lost William…our special little fella.
His legacy in Oxford is stronger than ever, (Pictures on Fb), but fundraising is time consuming & hard.
Please help us & save yourself money by signing up to our utilities campaign, see the enclosed card!
All the Doddies wish you a Happy, Healthy… go on try that Lycra… & content New Year.
After a Merry, Overindulgent, Love filled family Christmas …hohoho, you’ll need all that wine & beer!
Sent with Love

Johanna Peter Edward * Lucinda & Henry x

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