December 2001

Dear All,
2001 – What can we say about the year gone by?
It’s so hard to tell, but here goes I’ll try,
We miss William so much it still seems unreal
Emotions run wild – so far time does not heal.
Edward is coping but he misses his brother
Wills was his friend; there could never be another.
Lucinda talks of William and knows who he is,
She’s startlingly like him – her mannerisms are his.
The family dynamics have all gone to pot
William, although small, contributed such a lot!
The sparkle he held is still travelling far
Edward & Lucinda even have their own star
It’s called ‘William’s Star’ – it’s up in the sky
Forever to shine as our lives tick on by.
So how have we coped? Well it’s all down to you
Our friends and family and all that you do
I couldn’t list everyone or everything here in this note,
But a special Thank you to all from Thorpe House and Kingscote.
Mrs. T. all the staff, the Mums, Dads and boys,
Without whom it would have been all sadness – no joys.
They’ve been with us hand in hand all the way
Helping, cooking, caring and just being there every day.
We know William has brought a lot of people together
And we hope ‘William’s Fund’ will help people forever.
We’ve raised £70k so far for Childhood Cancer Research
But we need to keep going so they’re not left in the lurch!
A huge Thank you to ALL who have helped with the cause
More projects to follow when the team’s had a well earned (short) pause!
Keep up to date on www.williamsfund.co.uk
We’ll be updating it more regularly next year so we say!!
So thank you once more for the help, support and love
I’m sure William is watching from high up above,
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
We hope it is full of happiness and good cheer.
PS. Edward would like to say ‘hi’ to you all
He’s standing right here playing with his ball!

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