December 2003

Dear All – As 2003 is nearing its end
I still haven’t written my message to send!
How are you all? What news to tell?
I hope this newsletter finds you well.
In February, we moved house, to Gerrards Cross
I wasn’t keen, but Peter’s the Boss!?
I said I’d move if we could walk to school
So now we do – it’s great and we save fuel!
We pass the duck pond every day
In fact, ‘quack’ was the first word Henry did say!
We walk to the shops, the restaurants and the station
Peter gets the train to London – what a marvellous creation!
Now that he has been promoted, he goes to London more
His new title ‘Director of Sales and Marketing – Europe’.. Cor!
In August we had 2 weeks in Turkey, fun and games on the sand
Hotel was great, lots of swimming, hardly a moment on dry land!
Edward is now at ‘big’ Thorpe House, long trousers, but no cap,
He’s neat & tidy and distinctive in his orange clothes from Gap!
Edward rides his bike to school, at least when it’s not dark,
He’s joined Beaconsfield Rugby Club and still swims like a shark!
Lucinda is now a ‘purple girl’ at Maltman’s Green School,
She’s full of life, talks a lot and is magic in the swimming pool!
Henry is complete delight, walking, swimming and such fun.
It’s very strange that Wills life ended but Henry’s has just begun.
William is with us all – in fact, he gets around
Travelling far for William’s Fund, still making us very proud.
Our tribute to Wills – to fund research – is still going strong,
We thought perhaps support would dwindle but boy, we got that wrong!
So many events, so much help, so many caring friends
You make all the difference and on you, the fund depends.
A lady came to me in September, offering her services free,
Her expertise is websites … how lucky can we be?
The website is now fantastic, it’s where we keep our news
But most importantly, we write our many, many thank yous!
Our Christmas card sold out early, ‘Snow Dreaming’ a great design,
No one could be as proud of their Mum as I am of mine!!
For Childhood Cancer Research so far, £200,000 has been raised
So many people have helped this year and they should all be praised,
Thanks to everyone near and far for everything you’ve done.
Some I know, was quite hard work but most of it was fun!
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we wish to all of you,
With love and thanks from all of us and little William Too!

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