December 2005

Oh No! Is that the date? This will have to be quick or very late!
What’s happening in the Dodd household? What’s new and what’s been told?
It was the end of an era for Edward, he passed his 11+
So now he’s at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School and goes in on the bus.
Thorpe House was great, sad in a way to leave
But Edward’s very happy at Challoner’s – and somehow not quite so naïve!
He’s playing in the Rugby ‘A’s, matches most weekends
His work is good and steady and he’s making lots of friends
Got through the County Cricket trials and swimming’s going well
Beat Dad at Golf (once) – tho’ I’m not supposed to tell!
So we’re very proud of Edward, he’s a really great lad
I think he’s like his Mum but Peter says he’s like his Dad!!
Lucinda is in Year 2 at Maltman’s Green now, loving every day
We still cycle to school, past the duck pond on the way!
Lucinda passed her ballet exam and her swimming level 9
and got in the school squad already . .a year ahead of time!
Trampolining with Sue and Helen is fun and Lucinda’s at level 5
Piano lessons are going well – she’s playing right now – live!
Our little girl is growing fast, but oh so daintily…
Her hair is long, purple’s in and she oggles Flintoff lovingly!
Henry has had some changes this year – sadly no more Ba,
He’s started Kingscote Nursery – 5 mornings now ha ha!
He’s wearing all William’s uniform and he’s had chicken pox
In Nativity he was baby Jesus – ‘born’ bursting out from a box!
Henry swims too,(surprise, surprise!) amd has now done level 1
He’s a really cheeky character and gives us all such fun.
Peter is well and travels more to Russia & Europe, including the East
Enjoying his job and home life (I hope), still a fit swimming beast!
We converted the loft for extra space, 2 beds and a shower room,
Our secret weapon is Danka – stood by with the broom!
Danka is from Slovakia, she came to us in May
A lovely girl, staying a while, she helps in every way.
In January we went skiing in France, the cute little village of Ardent ,
Henry went in the crèche with toboggans, Lucinda was a ‘petit flocon’!
We escaped to the (on the) piste, Edward was in the competition class
Racing, jumping and all that stuff, we prefer the mountains seen through a glass!
In April it was Disneyworld Florida , to celebrate my parents 50 th wedded year
And they are still celebrating… off on a cruise ‘til next year!
Well what have I been up to? That’s easy just see the above!
I’m still running William’s Fund and remembering with Love.
Our supporters still amaze us with their kindness and good heart
We thank you all for helping raise £280,000 since the start.
Research is going well; you can read it on the website,
William is still here with us, we hold onto our memories very tight.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that you are well.
Hopefully we will see some of you next year and your news you can tell!
With love Johanna, Peter, Edward, Lucinda and Henry

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