December 2006

‘Twas the night before Christmas, no builders in the house,
Utility room extension is finished – hooray – now about that mouse!
Danka has left way back in October
So now it’s just us, still enough to fall over!
William’s anniversary went by in a haze
6 years – unbelievable, it still seems like days.
William’s Fund is doing well, Christmas cards sold out
Penguins popular with everyone – not just him there’s no doubt!
Henry (4) was an Angel in the Kingscote Nativity play
Really looked the part just as Wills should have on His day.
Henry’s in reception now, a true Kingscote boy
They say he has “his own agenda” – I see trouble ahoy!
Recalled for County Cricket trials – of Edward (12) we are so proud
Studying harder now – can Grammar School take “head out of cloud”?!
At Club Champs last year he was Junior Champ – 9 cups and a bagful of medals
Almost as many as Daddy got in Polo and pushing pedals!
Talking of Peter – now on the Esab Global Management Board!
Travels much further, says I don’t understand him… I thought he said “bored”!
Little Lucinda (7) is blossoming beautifully, swims for Maltmans Green School
This year is her first Club champs at Otters – she got 5 Gold Medals – cool!
Still learning piano, trampolining too, ballet exam over, results in Jan
Dances around the house to music whenever she can!
Henry just passed ASA level 4 and has been shooting a book
Kingsley’s Waterbabies to be republished next year, perhaps you’ll take a look.
Underwater pictures galore – posing – as Tom – he’s been a really good soul
And I get to work in it too, in my baby handling role.
Still teaching baby swimming Mondays and running William’s Fund too
And yes, Peter still asks what on earth I do!
Holidays – three of them, very good time had by all
Tenerife in half term with Ma and Pa (they’re very well) – we all had a ball
Sun, rest, booze and fab visit to the penguins in Lara Park
South of France in August, met up with friends and vineyards in the dark?!
French cottages, cycling, bumpy tracks, and lunch with David and Ingrid – lots of fun.
Oh and skiing in La Tania, France – reptured my knee ligaments 3rd run!
Down in the blood wagon – a jolly painful ride.
Luckily Peter – with skis and poles was right there by my side!
Nasty fall, fresh snow, steep hill, oh it WAS a black….
Physio forever, I can still hear the Craaaack
While I rested (in agony) the children were in ski school
And I watched them all have fun with Peter and felt a silly fool!
So home on crutches, no driving for weeks, thank goodness for my friends
They were all so wonderful (still are!) heping out until it mends.
Danka was brilliant – took over my role, sadly she’s gone now, off to pursue a new goal.
Creeping closer to Christmas, a crucial week to prepare
Flu strikes right on me – bedridden – oh no how does she dare?
Well the cards’ll be late, probably not signed, no presents for some
It’ll still to be seen whether Father Christmas will come,
But, saved by my parents – Christmas Day we travel to Hampshire
For a Cracking “Grandma’s Christmas Dinner” and a house of festive cheer!
Hope you find yours somewhere!!
Love and as always, many thanks to all our William’s Fund Supporters

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