December 2009

So here it is Merry Christmas..Everybody’s having fun!
Here’s a quick update on the things we have done…
We were thrilled and relieved to make Disneyworld again in April
Ma recovered well and was determined to go, for the rides and for the thrill!
To see Ma and Pa with Mickey & on water rides after all they have been through
Was amazing and cool, so much fun, so proud of those two!
Moira had a hip replaced and is now mostly pain free
Walking a bit with the Zimmer, no more problems with her knee!
Edward took work experience at Beaconsfield Golf club – green keeping!
He loved it – cycling to work at 5am when we were all sleeping!
He then went off to Grenada with school, 16 days on a cricket tour
Brilliant fun cooking, cricket and Caribbean life, now he wants more!?
While he was there the rest of us went flat hunting in Zug Switzerland
Peter’s working half his time based down in Baar, so we went to give him a hand!
Zug is beautiful, sits on a lake; we plan to visit lots to be there with Peter
Practice our Deutsch, ski a bit, travel by train & drive around in the 7 seater!
Once reunited we all stayed in an apartment at Woolacombe beach, in Devon
Body boarding, wetsuits, sandcastles, boats, crabs and eating out…heaven!
There was more beach cricket & walks in wonderful Llanbedrog, another summer highlight
And Edward & I finally went up up and away on a hot air balloon flight.
Lucinda is still bouncing, shooting (netball) & swimming just as much
Singing beautifully she surprised us with a lovely quartet in the carol concert, a lovely touch.
Henry is now at Thorpe House, emotional for us leaving Kingscote behind He swam the family relay again at Club champs, they left me out …but I didn’t mind!!
Subz baby swimming is going well, as is William’s Fund – see www.williamsfund.co.uk
There is now a Hearing Dog called ‘Wills’, sponsored by Kingscote School charity day!
Please sponsor Helen & Robin on www.justgiving.co.uk/ten-point for Iron Man Austria 2010
Wills has been gone 9 years now; we wonder what he’d be like and wish he was here again.
There have been so many events and so much raised,
We can’t mention them all but you should all be praised.
We’d love to hear your news, emailed, typed or scribble –
Pictures too please…after all, you get all OUR drivel!
Thank you to everyone who helps William’s Fund in any way
We send you Season’s Greetings and a very special Christmas Day!

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