December 2010

Christmas is coming; rush, buy, wrap,
Christmas concerts; rush, sing, clap…
Christmas letters; rush scribble, boast,
Christmas cards; rush, write, post..
Christmas parties; rush, ready, posh up,
Christmas drinks; wine, mince pie, coffee cup..
Christmas Cheer….Oh Dear…. Can it really be another year?!
Everyone is well; our 2010 was spent largely in a pool..
Swim, scuba, photos, teaching and Lucinda started a new school,
Settled in well to Dr Challoners High, Edward now at 6th form..Doesn’t time fly!
Working Saturdays at the butchers learning the trade, be afraid be very afraid!
Henry still at Thorpe and now at Otters too, Peter travelling & doing what men do!
Unbelievably William has been gone 10 years; he has driven us through our hopes and fears
It’s oh so hard even after 10 years, the memories, flashbacks and unexpected tears
The empty space locked in our hearts, the unknown boy as each chapter starts.
In William’s Fund his memory lives on, over £500k raised thanks to you – everyone.
While we ponder on Wills there are others too so let’s sit for a moment and reflect with you.
We lost Peter’s dear Aunt Nancy at 99 years old, a true lady, independent, wise, loving and bold,
Elaine, our family friend lost to the world at 23, the most beautiful of people.. A real tragedy.
Pippa lost her long and courageous fight, another wonderful lady, special, caring and bright.
We will miss them all in their own special way, they changed the world..
What more can I say?
Reflections over and on with the cheer, we’re off to friends and then Switzerland my dear!!
Let’s hope Santa brings all you desire, snow, turkey, presents & hugs by the fire!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
2011? Bring it on – fizz, pop, beer!

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