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100 Holes Golf Challenge...

Team story
On Thursday 21st June, 4 “FORE” Business Ultimate Members Matt Robinson, Scott Campbell, Rory Woolridge & Matt Niedzwiecki got together, at the Three Locks Golf Course, to take on the ultimate golfing challenge for charities – 100 holes, or nearly 6 rounds, in a day!

Below are the words from before and after… what an epic day! Well Done lads… we enjoyed watching your video posts!

Starting with the first tee shots at 0435 and likely ending around 2130-2200, we crazy 4 will be playing more than 1750 shots in total, burning more than 10000 calories between us and covering more than 35 miles each throughout the day – all in the name of charity!

100% of the money raised is going to the 4 charities. As the “FORE” Business Leighton Buzzard Group’s Charity of the Year for 2018, 40% is going to the Oxford Hospitals Charity, in the name of William’s Fund (www.williamsfund.co.uk). The other 60% is being split equally with Matt N donating his 15% share to the NSPCC (www.nspcc.org.uk), Rory donating his 15% share to Cancer Research UK (www.cancerresearchuk.org), Matt R donating his 15% share to CHUMS (www.chums.uk.com) and Scott adding his 15% share to the William’s Fund pot! The cost of the golf has very kindly been waived by Peter at Three Locks (www.threelocksgolfclub.co.uk) so we can ensure that every penny raised goes to where its needed most.

Our aim is to raise as much as possible with an initial target of £2000 – obviously, we’d love to smash through this barrier, however, as each and every penny is going directly to the charities, any amount raised will be benefiting those who need it most. Don’t forget, if you’re a UK tax payer, PLEASE Gift Aid your donation as this way HMRC have to pay out as well!  So dig deep folks and help us to help others in the name of a game we love!

Scott says “I will be participating in this difficult Golfathon challenge to support my chosen charity, William’s Fund. Over the years I have been asked numerous times to get involved in fund raising challenging but have always declined. But when I heard Johanna’s story of why she founded the charity in memory of her son William I had a burning desire to do something to support this charity. William’s Fund is a fundraising organisation raising money for CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH in Oxford, UK. What I love about this organisation is that 100% of monies raised goes to the research, there is no administration or employee costs at all. I’ll personally be donating £2 for every hole I bogey or better, because my driving force will be how much good the money we all raise is making a positive difference in our world, so please be generous and support us

We did it.!.. 101 holes completed with Matt Robinson Matt Niedzwiecki Scott Campbell at the Three Lock’s Golf Club. Having started playing at 04-20 we finished around 22-00. As the old man of the group I am very proud to have completed 4 ‘Golfathons’ but am feeling very sore this morning. Having walked my first 3 I thought that buggies would be easier!!! Wrong! With rally driver Scott Campbell driving over a hilly and firm course along with walking a number of miles, it was worth it. The money raised, the camaraderie, many great highlights and then to top it all my son Matt Woolridge decided he wanted to support his dad… he jumped in his plane in Cheltenham and came and found us, did some wing hello’s it was just what I needed to get me going again!
Thank you so much for supporting us. This challenge was not easy but your generosity and the friendship within the four of us made it all worthwhile… Now where is that ice pack!

See the Virgin Money page here Thank you everyone for your generosity.

One of the many score sheets!

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