Ten-Point have THE most generous clients…again!

Just dropped in to Ten-Point to see Helen today..(Thursday 4th Oct) ANOTHER very full collection box for William’s Fund….the last one I collected from here had NO copper coins in it…just real money and notes!!! Makes the counting a lot easier… and we really are grateful for literally every penny but a huge thank you to Helen’s clients at Ten-Point. £117.42 collected today!

If you haven’t yet read Helen’s accounts of her IronMan experiences…you really should, they make great reading. To whet your appetite here’s a picture of Helen at the finish of IronMan Austria holding Williams penguin aloft…bless her she carried him all the way!

You can read the accounts at.. Helen’s IronMan Blogs Look out for news of the Ten-Point Ten Pound sell off…… for William’s Fund…obviously!!

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