The Countrywide Box Monkeys DID IT again!


On Sunday 2nd September … after a long and nervous delay due to weather conditions… Phil, Emma and david took to the skies for their skydive!

To say Emma was nervous was an understatement but the boys helped (if you can call jokes about failed parachutes help?!) and they all held it together and made a successful and very graceful descent!

We are very proud of them all…and so grateful they chose to support William’s Fund. Here’s a few shots from the day… and follow this link for the rest of the pics from the day… 




Thank you Phil Emma and David and to everyone who sponsored them… you can still Donate before their legs stop shaking! 


The lovely Phil Nye from Countrywide Moves announces the latest Box Monkey daredevil stunt…. Phil says…

“Firstly & most importantly every penny we raise will be going to Williams Fund, we are not asking you to pay for us to do this, we are covering the costs!

On 29th July 2018 Three of the staff at Countrywide Moves (affectionately known as Box Monkeys) have volunteered (honest!) to perform a Sky Dive to raise money for our much loved charity, Williams Fund!

Phil, David & Sam will be strapped in taken up to 12,000 feet and then booted out of a perfectly functioning plane.

Here’s why- William’s Fund was set up in memory of William, who died of a rare Childhood cancer at he age of 4yrs. William’s Fund support vital research into Childhood cancers … you can sponsor us HERE “

Countrywide Moves jump

Box Monkeys jump for William’s Fund                    Please sponsor them – Thank you!

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